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Farligt möte

Facts from IMDB

Continuity errors: The angle of the gun when the robbed man asks ´Vill rånarn ha en pastill?´

Trivia: The question "Vill rånarn ha en pastill" was not in the original script. The actors created the dialogue during rehearsals.

It is unclear whether Steven Spielberg has offered to do a multi-million Hollywood remake of "Farligt möte", featuring Al Pacino and Robert de Niro. It will probably remain unclear for some time.

Kalles final line "Är du dum i huvet?" (Are you dumb in the head?) was for real! Peter realized this on the actual take and fell into a depression for 2 hours. The production team had to have psychoterapeutichal conversations with him directly after the filming. Someone made a funny fart-sound and soon after that, Peter was his old merry self again.

Parental guide: Frightening and intense scenes. Usage of a gun pointed at the protagonist's head. Violent shouting.