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Facts from IMDB

Factual errors: It is physically impossible to stick a funnel up your ass in wintertime when you have licked it. The funnel, that is!

Trivia: The avalanche was not in the script. It was improvised by Mother Nature during shooting.

The music heard in the beginning of Fjällturen is not soundtrack. ZZ Top actually rehearsed on site that day.

Kalle had several cracks in his rectum caused by the funnel and still wears diapers to this very day.

Director´s trademark: Snow is often seen in Dragbasun´s productions.

Where are they now? Kalle is now in a pre-production of Dragbasun´s new musical.

SPOILER ALERT: A whole avalanche does not actually fit up one person´s butt, not even with a funnel.

Do not try this at home. Not because it´s dangerous, but because so few people have mountains at home.